So, Bapa from moap, who doesn’t shut up about catgirls, was being annoying when I was trying to get him to read Absolute Boyfriend, which you all should read, and going on and on about Touhou fanart.

Naturally, I wanted to see the actual manga, because, while artbooks are nice, we all know it’s about the story.  But what’s this?  Touhou isn’t a manga, it is a series of games.  Well we will just have to check these out (all ~16 of them).  Hmm bullet hell, bullet hell, bullet hell, best fighting game in the world, bullet he… wait what was that?  Best fighting game in the world?  Yes that’s right.  Touhou 10.5 (and expansion 12.3) are the best fighting games in the world (they are even Peace approved).  You should check them out here.

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