FileIntegrity/IntegrityStream on Non-mirrored ReFS Partitions After Format

If you want to take advantage of IntegrityStreams on non-mirrored partitions (which you can create on Windows 8.1 by creating the DWORD HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\MiniNT\AllowRefsFormatOverNonmirrorVolume and setting it to 1) and you forgot to use the /i enable option with format you can use Powershell to easily add the attribute both for new and existing files.

Set-FileIntegrity driveletter:\ -Enable $true
will set the partition so that new files are created with IntegrityStreams.

Get-ChildItem driveletter:\ -Force -Recurse | where-object { $_.Attributes -notlike “*IntegrityStream*” } | ForEach-Object {Set-FileIntegrity $_.FullName -Enable $True }
will enable IntegrityStreams on any directories and files that don’t have them enabled.

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