Server Moved and Improved

The 1E media server motherboard died about a few months ago. In order to fill the void and give the server a more permanent home, the two machines were merged. The Ubuntu/VMWare Server host has been retired. The system is now running Xen deployed on Debian. The server has two more GB of ram bringing […]

Moved Site

In light of Shiden being down, I decided it would be a good time to move the site over to a new server.

Tyan Thunder K8S S2880 2 AMD Opteron™ 248 Processors 4GB PC3200 ECC Registered DDR RAM 3GB PC2700 ECC Registered DDR RAM 160GB IDE Hard Drive Corsair CX430 V2

The host OS, Debian […]

New Registrar

On the recommendation of Chris from MOAP I have switched registrars to They give me near full control over DNS records so that I can have unlimited subdomains. Unfortunately, in the move I’ve lost my mail servers. So Shiden is now running one. However, because of downtime Shiden has, I have decided to minimize […]


Well, the old UPS that I was running the server on died today. So I bought a nice shiny new one, it even has an LCD screen.

It’s a giant 1500VA model yet still only has the ability to run the server for 21 minutes (its rated max is 164 minutes).

New Site!

Hi everyone. This is a new site, with a new theme, which I customized pretty heavily. I lost the images that were on the site before. I don’t plan to reupload everything, so if there is something you want please let me know. Shiden (the server) was upgraded to Windows 7 Enterprise and has some […]